Painted Poems: Paintings matched to poems that awaken your dreams of life, love, and friendship

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ISBN: 9781457536847
136 pages

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Add a title to a painting, especially an abstract work, and much more is “seen” than without this steerage. The same is true a hundred times over when a painting is matched to a poem. The meanings of both emerge in ways never imagined.


About Al Tenhundfeld

An undergraduate degree in psychology and an MBA didn’t provide a lot of preparation for the world of art, specifically lyrical storytelling. But we are the sum total of our experiences and these provided the launching pad for a life divided between the corporate world and the world of non-profits. It was the latter, serving on numerous volunteer boards and ultimately as Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House in Mobile, where my understanding of and sensitivity to the plight of others developed and began to express itself in the works contained in Painted Poems.



How Would I know It’s You?

If I should beat you to the Pearly Gates and wait each day there for you
Floating with no eyes, no ears, no way to know when you came through,
How would I know that you had joined me, that we were one again?
These are the ways I’d know it’s you, the ways I’d comprehend.
The soft embrace from your warm, sweet spirit as it enfolded me
Would say “She’s here, Old Man”, but no one would have told me.
The feeling a child asleep has with his parents in the house somewhere,
Knowing they’re close by and if needed would be right there.


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